There comes a time in every campaign when facts about other opponents need to be said.  It’s not about the ‘attack’ and certainly not heresay. And these decisions, to put this information out publicly, are not made lightly. But the forums, as wonderful and as civilized as they were, did not allow the chance to get this information out in front of the public.  So with our last mailer to voters, we decided that if we didn’t share these facts about Joseph Maestas and Rad Acton, we would be doing a disservice to the thoughtful people that take the time to vote on Election Day. Most of the candidates and myself have enjoyed a positive and even fun campaign with each other and there has been great friendliness amongst the group.

But the mailout we sent out regarding Maestas and Acton was important, and the information was pulled directly from published and/or broadcast information – it is based in fact and we felt it needed to be told.  The details speak for themselves. And regarding Acton, the comments I heard, under his leadership of the Atalaya ‘Task Force’, were “We don’t want Southside kids bussed up to our neighborhood”, and “They don’t need a gym anyway, make them read more books.”  I was appalled at the complete disregard for the CHILDREN of the Atalaya school, and the elitist commentary that surrounded this ‘Task Force’.  And Maestas? Well, I think the quote from the Secretary of State sums up his service, when he quoted, in regards to Maestas, that it was the ‘worst situation {of fraud} he had ever seen {in Espanola} – under the leadership of Maestas.

Voting is a very personal choice, and it is anyone’s guess who will win this election. But please see the following and consider this information as you make your choice on Tuesday, March 4th.

Win or lose, I am grateful and honored to have been a part of this campaign – I have made friends and met neighbors in District 2 – we walked EVERY street of the district and it has been a privilege; I hope to continue this good work as your City Council woman.  Thank you for your kindness and your support.  Mary BonneyMary Bonney Attack MailerMary Bonney Attack Mailer- maryside

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I did an interview with Mary Charlotte on KSFR the other morning, and we had a conversation about what it ‘means’ to be a city councilor.  I wanted to share that, as we head into last few days of our campaign.  What ‘politics’ means to me is Public Service – it’s giving back to my community, using my leadership skills and a sense of compassion and caring for the place that I call home.

Obviously, serving on council means taking care of the basics like sidewalks, trash pick up, and public safety.  It also means being a person that can work together with the representatives of the other districts, to work on a unified, forward thinking vision for Santa Fe; for me this includes intense focus on shoring up our water conservation, including water catchment off of commercial and residential buildings, and teaching our youth through school initiatives about how to conserve water (didn’t we all have a grandma that taught us the phrase ‘if it’s yellow, let it mellow and if it’s brown, flush it down?’)!  I would like to see a water usage calculator on the city’s website, so that residents can figure out quickly what their water usage is for their homes.   Water conservation is a tiered-approach that should include public education about water use, and city directed initiatives, such as rebates for homeowners to install cisterns. Also, the council as a group needs to focus on our economy, and ‘keeping it local’ by supporting our entrepreneurs and leading our younger generation on a path of prosperity.

But another role of a council person is to inspire our community, our residents, to take ownership of Santa Fe in a meaningful way – to truly care, with action, about what happens here. A council person can lead by example, with thoughtful action – for example, I always liked seeing Mayor Coss taking the bus to City Hall, because he showed by example the ideals of ‘walkability’ and getting out of our cars, and using our feet or public transport to get around town.  It is by DOING, not just talking, that people can affect real change in a community.

As a mom, I try and lead by example on a daily basis.  Whether it’s taking the time to sit down and write a thank-you note, getting up to turn off a light in an empty room, stopping to pick up trash on the street, or buying a sandwich for someone who has nothing to eat – it is our daily actions, not words, that lead to change on a greater level, and if we have a positive impact on 1,000 people or just one person, we have succeeded in creating a wave of change.

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“Book-raiser” and Meet&Greet this Saturday!

We will be collecting new and used children’s books for the local Big Brothers/Big Sisters this Saturday as part of our “Music, Mingling & More” event at 727 Canyon Road.

We will have live music by local artist Thomas Alden Watts , too!

I look forward to visiting with you!

Join us this Saturday, February 22 from 5 – 6:30 p.m.!

Located at 727 Canyon Road, at The William&Joseph Gallery – free parking!

*photo by John Carr

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What a great journey so far – walking District 2, from gravel roads near Old Pecos Trail Inn, and Quapaw off of Cerrillos – I have enjoyed meeting the residents of District 2 (and your pets!).  It has been an honor to share my ideas and to hear your thoughts, too.  It would be such a privilege to serve as your council woman, and I appreciate all of the great support so far!

I have participated in all of the forums to date, which has been a pleasure and a wonderful learning experience as well, and we have enjoyed great press in the local newspapers, too. We were so pleased to receive the AFSCME endorsement and also to have the support of both current District 2 Councilors, Rebecca Wurzburger and Peter Ives!

If you are interested in having a yard sign to show your support, let us know – you can email me at or call/text us at 505.930.1667

THANK YOU – I am so grateful for everyone that has contributed to our campaign – TOGETHER we can create a Santa Fe for the future!

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